Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday Random Sunday

Had a great weekend but I must have done something wrong coz I feel like shit today. Lets hope works stays quiet all day. Here's a few things to keep you busy...

This is hilarious although I cant figure out it’s purpose (thank you SH). Make sure you hit next.

If you’re one of those people who turn a blind eye to the scientology scam – check this out and wake up. A slide show of 49 celebrity scientologists (and former scientologist) this shit is starting to get serious. (Thank you defamer).

P.S. Suri in Hebrew either means Syrian (i.e. from Syria also my favorite kind of olives) or ‘remove yourself’ or 'get out'.

That's all for now. . ... . ..


Marcia said...

Woah. Beck is a Scientologist? Who knew?

I bet David Bowie is disappointed in him. Seriously.

Liz said...

DAMMIT... I can't believe I let David Bowie down... I feel so ashamed.