Sunday, June 04, 2006

Chat Transcript 6/4/2006

Me: not that I can think of, mike and are great! And my family is always a bit dramatic - I never let it get to me. Only thing I can think of that would make me feel this way is AH...

Rama: Really? You still care about her so much? You think of her very often?

Me: not so much, I think I’m just worried that she'll get back into my life and make it a living hell again!

Rama: So don't let it happen!
You are not in touch, right?

Me: nope.
But lately it feels like she's getting closer...

Rama: why?
Something has changed?

Me: she spoke to my niece and my sister in law and she told my niece that her and me "love each other from far away" where does she get that from???

Rama: Delusional?
Maybe she imagines stuff....

Me: she told my friend Katherine a while ago that she knows her and me will be friends again one know - on one hand I miss her and on the other hand I’m having PANIC ATTACKS just thinking about talking to her again and being in touch with her!

Rama: Don't do it, even though you miss her.
She is bad to you and will not do you any good in life.
You know best, how you are feeling when you two are in touch!

Me: it's mostly a good relationship but not when she's like that - not when she's self destructing.
She’s a good friend and a great person but it always ends like this....

Rama: One day she'll realize what she had missed, but it'll be too late.
Don't do it to yourself, be strong!

Me: it's weird coz I’m not the kind of person that's scared of facing things but this - I’m scared of even having to tell her to fuck off!

Rama: I know what you mean, I have been to these situations a lot of times...and it's hard to face the reality and actually say what you feel and think, but it's the best way.

Me: don’t know - I just feel like she's stalking me... she's hanging out with Mike's sister Heather and talking to my niece Rachel...
I just want her to stay out of my life.

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