Wednesday, May 30, 2007

This goes out to my man Michael K.

Blohan, Blohan, Blohan… jus when I start feeling guilty about reading so much celeb gossip. Just when I start listening to y’all whining and bitching about how they print such horrible lies. You go and prove who the real liars are. Same thing with your frienemy Paris, everyone was saying she thinks the rules don’t apply coz she’s young and rich. Well hell, seems she did think the rules didn’t apply. Don’t it? It’s no that I’m one of these vicious paparazzo who think y’all deserve this treatment because you’re so rich and famous and we’re not. It’s just that, well, if you don’t like it, move out of LA!!!

Thanks for proving us all right.


p.s. You have the worst taste I’ve ever seen, at least Britney’s got an excuse – she’s a redneck.


Anonymous said...

Britney's worse than a Redneck...she's a hillbilly. She's just two missing front teeth away from a trailer and a can of chew.

But I digress...Me and BD got into a discussion last night about blohan. He doesn't think it's fair that the paps stay on celebs like this. I said, "I can understand people trying to be normal like Ang and Brad. But Lindsay and Paris and the others put themselves out there like this to stay in the spot light because they like it. They have MILLIONS of dollars and can't hire a driver for the night?" My point is, these girls are vile, hateful and think that the world owes them something because they have money and fame. Bottom line is that people like to see people like Ang and Brad succeed but we LOVE it when bitches like Lindwhore and Parasite get busted because it just means there is some justice in the world. By the way...I will bet you $1 that Lohan WILL NOT go to jail at all. She'll get probabtion. They will never bust the club for underage drinking and the cocaine will not be proven to be hers.

Lizzle said...

Umm, I actually think that Mischa Barton's taste is a little bit worse than Hohan... I mean Hohan's is still wretched, but seriously, who can top Mischa Barton's CONSTANT forays into all things ugly?

Summer said...

Brit, Paris and Lohan need to GO AWAY! The Trifecta of Trollops!

SarahReznor said...

Pook - I agree. Brad was just saying they might move to NOLA because they can live as normal people there - there you go!

Liz - you might be right, I didnt hink about it... I blame all the talentless designers who send them free clothes.

Summer - YES!!!

Bloody Whore said...

We should lock them all in a car and set them on fire.

Gee, no wonder I'm going to hell.