Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Stupid Holidays…

Another short week for us in the holy land. I don’t get why all the holidays have to be crammed together in one fucking month. Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkoth! After that we have to wait till fucking March for Passover and some more time off work. Apparently Hanukah is not important enough to get time off work. Good thing I married a Christian and I get to celebrate Christmas! But I digress. Mike has the day off tomorrow (finally!!!) and so do I! I really didn’t want to spend another 4 day weekend alone in front of the TV.

Nir’s taking me out tonight and Mike is staying home. That’s part of the new agreements we made the other week after a lot of fighting (which I’m still not talking about). We realized we both need to have alone time, something we rarely do because if we have time off we usually spend it together. So I get to drink my weight in beer and not worry about him – fun! Worrying about Mike is all I fucking do lately, I need a break.

I need shoes and a coat before it starts getting cold and I am broke. I guess I could squeeze another year out of the coat my sister made me, it’s pretty basic and I love it so... but the shoes I have to get! All I have is a pair of vans and the huge knee high boots Nir got me last year for Christmas, Mike calls them the ass kickers! So yeah – send me money for shoes!!!


jenner said...

I need shoes and a coat before it starts getting cold and I am broke.

Shit dude, I was JUST lamenting my lack of a fall coat today - I have...NO coat, or my (also very old) winter coat - nothing in between. And since I'm in CANADA...well, I better get on it...LOLOL

Jessucka said...

I need a new lighterish fall coat too. My old one has, ahem, shrunken shall we say. Shoes I have a billion of. But I do want new black boots.