Sunday, March 05, 2006

I wish I was drunk (again)

So I got shitfaced Friday night. And I do mean shitfaced. Blasted, tanked, hammered, wasted, zonked. I can't really tell you folks all about it coz I don’t remember much! I think I was head-banging to Megadeth at some point, which thankfully isn’t too much out of character for me. I remember beer and whiskey and Nir kept refilling my Martini glass. I know the chocolate cheese cake Alex made was the best cake I’ve ever had. I remember having a head ache at the beginning on the night. I couldn’t remember how we got to the car. Until this afternoon. I had a horrible hangover after that but it was all worth it. I hadn’t gotten this drunk in probably 2 years. I really needed that. I feel so relieved. All I needed was one night off. (Mike was a sweetheart and only had 1 beer so he could take care of me.) I love my Hubby and I love my friends, I had so much fun…

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