Sunday, March 05, 2006


- Went to the bank and found out it was closed all day – don’t laugh our Sunday is your Monday – bitches should be open! Because of this I couldn’t get the papers signed for the phone and the cell company cut off out outgoing calls.
- Went to see Mom and she gave me a almost brand new cooking pot and an iris bulb.
- Printed about 20 recipes at work although the rules say no printing personal stuff, with only 1 supervisor on the floor I gave myself permission. Almost got caught by my boss.
- Used some of my gift certificates and got 2 new shirts and one for my little sister. I would show pictures but MY PHONE WAS CUT OFF. Therefore no camera phone.
- The zipper on one of my favorite sweaters broke (again) right after the temperature outside dropped about 10 degrees and I forgot my scarf.

Alltogether I think I'm having an average Sarah day.

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