Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sarah 101

Here's some shit y'all didnt know about me -

1. I'm a punk. A huge one. I hate cops, politicians, religion. Order sucks. Anarchy rules. Civilization doesn’t work and should be destroyed. And don’t say I’ll grow out of it - the older I get the more of punk I become.

2. I have the same disorder that runs in my whole family – I have to create stuff with my hands or I go nuts. I paint, crochet, quilt and saw. (I believe all punk have a hint of Martha in them – we all make our own clothes and body art). I also started gardening lately.

3. I’m a great cook and I love cooking.

4. I’m 1/8th Italian on my mother’s side. Hence the dark hair, dark eyes and love of pasta. I worked in an Italian restaurant for a year and a half and I never got tired of it.

5. I had altogether two and a half nervous breakdowns and never took any medication. It’s not that I don’t believe it helps it’s just that I’m that stubborn.

6. My favorite color is green but the only shade of green that works with my complexion is army green. I don’t have a problem with that.

7. I think the greatest invention of the 20th century is the electric guitar.

8. I lost my virginity at 20 years old. I love sex and have no hang ups. I hate what society made of it and how fucked up people’s view of it is.

9. I’m 6 feet tall and tried out for modeling once when I was 18 but the agent told me I had a big nose.

10. I have 5 tattoos, a barcode, a logo of Nothing Records, a fish, the emblem of Dead Pilots MC in Jerusalem and a tribal design.

11. My last name is not Reznor.

12. I believe in soulmates but never thought I would find mine. And then I met Mike.

13. I was born in France and I'm fucking proud to be Frensh. I'm equally as proud to be a Jew and an Israeli.


Debbie said...

You rock.

Liz said...

You do rock... hardcore!

SarahReznor said...

thank you... I'm gonna cry...