Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Spring? I don’t think so!!!

The end of winter and beginning of summer in the Middle East consists mostly of a series of sand storm originating in either north Africa or Saudi Arabia, pushing the cold winds back to Europe and letting the desert heat in. after that follow a relatively pleasant couple of months in which all the vegetation go into a growing frenzy because of the sudden heat and then dies of thirst before July begins.

I’m being really negative, I love the weather here and if you remember to water your garden you enjoy green and flowers 8 months out of the year. But this year it’s been to fucking much. I’m also aware I talk about the weather a lot here but right now it’s fucking bugging me. This is the 5th Hamssin since the beginning of the season and it’s all too early anyway. The sand storms are supposed to star in April! I know coz Mike’s mother is always telling us he was born on a day like that (April 7th). It burns when you breathe, you’re always thirsty and your eyes feel like there’s sand in them coz there’s sand in them!!! I left the house this morning in this shit, almost got knocked over by the winds and got half way to the bus stop before I realized I had different shoes on each foot! You haul half your wardrobe around coz it’s hot during the day but the temperature drops dramatically when the sun goes down. And of course you end up getting sick. Which seriously I wish I was now so I could have an excuse to stay the fuck home!

But good things do happen – hubby came all the way to my work and brought me a falafel from my favorite place. Totally cheered me up!


Kat in da Hat said...

Falafel's rock.

Kat said...

The green and flowers 8 months out of the year sounds pretty good to me. And so does a falafel right now!

angelatee said...

Sandstorms? I don't think I'd like that too much. What do contact lense wearers do?

I used to do some reporting a while back and one of the stories I covered was neighborhood folk being upset at sand blowing from a neighboring baseball field.