Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday Bitching

So today we’re trying a new project. Our company is trying to get a contract answering calls for Feed the Children and I’m very excited about this. A bunch of us volunteered to come in today to try out the software and phone lines for this and we get to go home earlier. The thing is some people form another project also volunteered. The training felt like 6th grade with those morons cracking jokes in the background, we’re now in the call center waiting to get calls and they’re playing music on their computers! The system doesn’t work, we’re not getting any calls, we’re probably going to lose this client!

Actually let me start over, it’s raining, it’s raining a lot. I woke up 2 hours earlier than usual got my winter gear on and got out of the house. By the time I got to the bus stop the bottom of my jeans were soaked. I have a giant golfing umbrella that doesn’t ever bend or flip or so I thought. The bus ride was okay, although longer than usual and a little smellier. I got out of the bus, the bus driver made sure to let me off as far away from the building as possible and started down the street. As I walked the wind got stronger and stronger until my umbrella folded inward on my face and broke! I had to walk the rest of the way without it and the only part of me that stayed dry was the part under the leather jacket. Until a few minutes ago I was soaking wet. Only comfort is we’re leaving at 8 instead of 11. And I’m sitting with my buddies, I’d be in tears if I was alone!

You know - I never understood this daylight saving fiasco. It just doesn’t make sense. Think about it, it’s suppose to be savings right. In the winter when it’s cold out you should want to have more daylight, helps fight depression and you don’t have to have the heat on as long. And in the summer when it’s hot, you want to have less daylight, sunset earlier and it’s gets cooler faster. But it’s the opposite! The winter days are shorter and the summer days are longer… don’t get me wrong, I like it the way is it but I don’t get it.

Anyway Friday was the first day of spring, and what a beautiful day it was. We spent most of the afternoon outside in the garden. Today, it’s the worst day of the winter…


Marcia said...

I hate! daylight savings! We're not farmers anymore, we don't need to fuck with the seasons!

that's my bitching for the day.

Liz said...

Personally, I wish we only had to "fall back" and not spring forward... I'm a big fan of getting that extra hour to sleep... or drink, as the case may be.

Springing forward is poop!