Monday, May 08, 2006

This is What I Do All Day

Defamer makes me laugh - There are no words left to describe how fucking crazy this guy is but go ahead and relive an unforgettable week of M:i:III premiere with Cruiscapades!

David Blaine is about to fucking die in that stupid snowglobe, how does he come up with this shit???

Keith Richards is going to get his coconut drilled (get it? get it?) this is not going to help the situation at all...

And i'm not sure but it seems everybody in Israel (and possibly New York) has Foreign accent syndrome.

I got lunch, see yous later.


Summer said...

I'm absolutely boycotting David B. He's just weird. I'll just read about how his stunt went later.

As for Tommy, I miss the old Tom! I loved him in that movie with Nicole when they were immigrants. I think he took up boxing for money?! Don't recall what the cane of that one was.

Summer said...



SarahReznor said...

Far and Away! i liked it too!