Sunday, August 27, 2006

My Mother is Awesome

So my mother left me a message on Friday telling me she wanted to see me on Sunday morning if I have time. This was right before Shabbat and since my parents keep Shabbat I couldn’t call her back so the whole weekend I was wondering wtf and hoping this wasn’t bad news coz my mom never does that. Last night she wouldnt say anything on the phone. So she called me this morning and asked me to meet her in town, I waited for a few minutes and I see my mother walking towards me carrying a big brown box that looks very heavy.

She bought me a sewing machine!!!!!!!!!!

That’s right! I couldn’t speak for like 5 minutes! I thought I was going to cry! She said she was thinking about it and she never got me a real weeding gift and our anniversary is coming up and with all the shit we’ve been going through she wanted to make me happy… I love my mom!!! She’s the best… I called my mother in law to tell her and she was so happy she was hyperventilating! I’m gonna make shit!


Debbie said...

I have a sewing machine and I love it.


Marcia said...

That is so cool! I love that in my new house, I finally have time to use my sewing machine. My husband thinks I'm an old woman with all the sewing and cooking I've been doing.

TsfatMarm said...

I love to sew!

Hate mending, hate it, but love to sew.

What kind is it???

I brought a Singer 3343 220 volt when we made aliyah. I love it.