Thursday, August 24, 2006

Wedding Season

Had the day off yesterday, wedding. Now this was a special wedding because these two have been together for 5 years and it just looked like they were never gonna get married. We had SO much fun! I haven had that much fun at wedding since mine! I head-banged so much it hurts when I move my neck but it was all worth it. AH was there with her boyfriend, shit-stain, but I was having so much fun I didn’t notice them at all. I did notice they weren’t dancing or moving from the table, hubby told me they looked like they were having a horrible time and that makes me feel good. I know it sounds a bit petty and a lot bitchy but hubby and I are closer to the bride and groom and knowing the shit-stains would be there I thought they would have all the fun and I would be in the corner pouting so I’m happy and that’s that.

I have to give a shout out to my strapless bra, I thought it was going to fail during the evening or that I was going to be in pain but no! It held on perfectly and I didn’t even notice it. The shoes were a different problem though. Since we had to take about 2 buses to get to the place (fucking car thieves) I had my pretty shoes in a bag with me, I put them on when we got there but the whole thing was on a lawn! My heels kept sinking into the soft grass and had o change back to my comfortable shoes pretty quick. But it’s okay – my comfortable shoes are cool too.

There’s another wedding tonight but I wont make it – working. That’s okay I don’t think it’s gonna be as cool. Although i might drop by after work - it's on the way home and hubby will be there. Another one Sunday but I’m not going to that one either and I have good reason, the girl is 6 months pregnant and I happen to be almost certain she got pregnant to trap the guy. About a year ago I had a very disturbing conversation with her while they were broken up and another even weirder when they got back together, all about how she was feeling like she was getting old and she wanted to have a kid… Since then she became kinda weird and stopped talking to a lot of us and now this. You should see the guy, he looks like he’s going to prison.

RN isn’t here today and it’s the last day of the week – yey!


Softball Slut said...

Stupid question, I know but do they do weddings different there than they do in America? Like traditions and stuff. I know silly but hey if I dont ask I will never know.

SarahReznor said...

well, we have a chuppah, there's only 1 ring, for the bride. and the groom gives her a contract promising he'll take care of her and provide for her. and there's a bunch of prayers being said and wine being blessed. it's pretty cool. if you're really interested go here -


Softball Slut said...

Wow that was pretty interesting. I had heard of somethings but didnt know the reasonings behind them. Now I know. It's pretty fascinating.