Wednesday, October 18, 2006


(Stolen from Softball Slut)

A few good things waiting in the future -

Cyprus anniversary – 18 days, in case I get the day off (please) Mike and I are off to Tel-Aviv for a well deserved shopping trip!

Thanksgiving – 36 days, workforce approved my day off and I am so happy! Last year they didn’t let me off and I was so depressed. Hubby kept sending me pictures through his phone and I had tears in my eyes almost the whole day.

The day after thanksgiving – 37 days, we all get together and decorate the house and watch Christmas movies and make cookies and do all sorts of Christmas stuff!

Hanukkah – 59 days - presents, candles and latkes.

Christmas – 68 days, need I say more…?

Anniversary of meeting Mike – 78 days, probably just gonna have a nice dinner and a lot of sex.

My birthday – 133 days, not sure I’m looking fwd to it – I’m gonna be 31 and it’s a bit scary. But hey – alcohol and presents!!!

And with that I have to say it worked – I feel hopeful and happy about the future! Yikes! Thanks Trish!

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Softball Slut said...

Thank you thank you. I would like to thank all the little poeple I have slept with to get here