Sunday, October 08, 2006

I Need a Vacation (don’t we all)

I think I need another weekend to get over this weekend.

Friday – woke up 9:35 and was out of the house by 10:00. Took a bus to my parents house, picked up the post office notices for the packages and a desert cookbook my mom bought me (I love her). Went to the post office about 10 minutes walk away from there and retrieved both packages without incident. One of them was in the automatic mail distributor that can only be described as a mail vending machine.

After getting out of the post office I got on another bus to the Shuk (market). Got a shit load of food and a falafel and got on a bus home. After eating my falafel and putting all the food away I decided to try and take a nap as I was way too tired to build a sukah. Hubby was still in bed and I accidentally woke him up by trying to get into bed. He decided to get up and I couldn’t pass an opportunity to spend time with him so I skipped the nap. Big mistake.

I pumped myself full of vitamin C and we were off to build a sukah. Hubby’s sister met us there but her husband didn’t as it was his birthday and he had worked all night and was not up to waking up yet. Hubby and I put the sukah together pretty fast and decorated as hubby’s sister prepared the presents and cake for her husband. Cheese cake and beer and we were out of there and hubby went off to work. I spent the rest of the evening crafting and watching sci-fi. (By the way Heroes ROCKS).

Saturday – woke up way too early. Spent the whole morning cooking for dinner and for hubby’s sister (as she is sick and allergic to everything and unable to do anything and has a drug problem and is really getting on my nerves) I was exhausted by the time hubby got up and unable to even think about getting out and to the sukah. Vitamin C to the rescue.

Dinner was great except hubby’s sister was making faces and whining the entire fucking time and also we were looking forward to a nice quiet night at home when Hubby got a call from his boss that he needs to work tonight coz somebody’s sick. We decided to drive them home (although they live 3 down the street and I am seriously getting tired of this woman and the fact that everyone babies her and she does nothing to get better. But it’s not my problem and I am the Zen master) in my in-laws car which has been having problems starting lately. We pushed the car all the way down the street and the fucking thing stayed dead. My sister came with jumper cables and the fucking thing stayed dead. My sister took hubby to work as I waited for the tow truck. 2 minutes later no tow truck but a guy in regular car shows up and fucking jump starts the car right there. Now i know what you're thinking but - I CAN’T DRIVE! We leave the car running and I call hubby and have him come back and drive the car to the house. Then he took a bus to work and I watched American Dad.

As I said - I think I need another weekend to get over this weekend.

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Summer said...

HEROS is awesome! It's the first sort of sci-fi thing I've ever liked. Or should I say that I've ever watched a whole show of.

Yeah, you need a vacation. Or at least a weekend to yourself.