Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bored Post

Ugh… I am beyond bored. Our supervisor got us a huge bowl of lollypops and hard candy because we’ve been good and it’s all gone!!! Need sugar..! I had a project I was hoping to milk all week long, tell you the truth I’m surprised it lasted me till yesterday, now I’m bored… surfing the blogworld. I have a shitload to do tomorrow and I’m sitting here stewing, I got shit to do man! I have to get an x-ray of my sinuses – make sure the yuckies are all gone, gotta go to the pharmacy, do some food shopping for the weekend. I’m cooking a nice dinner tomorrow (steak, roast potatoes, cream and mushroom sauce) and then hubby and I are going out to drink. Yay! I think last time we were out was a month ago at the Old Friend re-opening party. Between being sick and being broke we really didn’t have time to do anything. I miss just hanging out with him at the bar, know what I mean?


Softball Slut said...

recipe for the good stuff?

Summer said...

Ohhh! I haven't been drunk with my ole' man in forever! I could use some good times. I'm mucho jealous.