Sunday, June 10, 2007

Paris Back in Jail!

Hubby started working the day shift today – YAY!!! I was so nervous for him I woke up almost every hour last night to make sure he doesn’t sleep through it! We came to have lunch me and 2 other couple friends to cheer them up and be the first ever lunch customers there. Guess what I had… yeah, it’s not my fault they’re really yummy!

We had such a nice weekend. Hubby was home both Friday and Saturday. We had dinner with my family Friday night and went out Saturday with Nir. The rest of the time we just hung out and relaxed. I made new pillows for the living room, I was so sick of those neutral colored corduroy ones hubby’s sister got us 3 year ago. I got bright blue and green striped fabric and got my old lime green pillows from my mom. It looks very summery and fresh – I’m very proud. I really wanted to stay home today, had too much fun.

Oh! I sent Michael K that HORRIBLE picture Pookie put up the on last week and he used it for the Caption This contest! Pook!!! You're famous!

Oh, and yeah- the ho is gonna pay all the way!


jenner said...

I SO wish I knew how to do crafty stuff for the house - if I did, my apartment would look a lot less....barren and dorm-like LOL

HEY I KNOW LET'S DO - I'll buy a bunch of fabric & send it to you, you make it, send it back - I'll pay for all the shipping & stuff. Sound good? :D


SO happy fpr U your hub's workin' a better shift, and that you're having a great weekend! :)

SarahReznor said...

i think a plane ticket will be a bit cheaper, i could come over for a few days, make some curtains, pillows, we'll have fun! LOL!

Jessucka said...

Pillows are not hard to make jenner, esp. if you just recover existing ones you have. Yep. If in doubt, the hot glue gun is your friend! lol Just put the outside fabric facing together, sew up three sides, turn it inside out, stuff it, and sew up the last side. Voila!

Congratulations on sprucing up the place. That's awesome when you can brighten things up for cheap.

I've been buying up vintage embroidered and foral hankerchiefs with the pipe dream of sewing them into a quilt for my bed. I've got about a million hankerchiefs, but no quilt. My mom took them from me this weekend and she's going to se them in to a quilt for me for my birthday. Wooo hooo

I'm so glad Paris got sent bac too. Crying for her mommy. Ha! Mommy can't save you know.

P.S. I watched a documentary on PBS about Jeruselum in your honor. Be touched. lol

SarahReznor said...

that quilt sounds really cool! i want pictures!

and i am touched! what did they say about J-town?

Jessucka said...

It was just about the war for independence and the repurcussions and arafat. . . and then I fell alseep lol BUT I HAD SUCH GOOD INTENTIONS!!!

SarahReznor said...

lol!!! dont worry about it :)