Sunday, December 30, 2007

Some good news, at last!

Alex called me last night, started talking to me about some show and a quote he couldn’t remember. Then he says ‘oh, by the way, Barb and I are engaged’. I was actually speechless. He didn’t tell me anything about it, didn’t tell me he was planning it or even thinking about it! And then he just shoves it into this blah conversation as item #3. That bastard. He said he cooked her dinner, got wine and candles and everything. Then he asked her if she wanted to be with him forever and when she said yes he took out the ring. So cute! I’m so happy for them, they really are perfect for each other, she is so great… now I have to tell Nir, I must do it in a controlled environment otherwise the consequences will be disastrous. I’m talking binge drinking and sleeping with that weird fat girl again! I remember when I told him Alex had a girlfriend he said something like ‘my turn now’. I agree but he should really stop all this destructive behavior before he finds her… more on that later.

I’m so happy!


Brunhilda said...

Aw. That is very sweet. It's never a big deal to the guys, huh? Poor Nir. I hope he gets himself under control.

melissa said...

I think it's a big deal to them, inside, but maybe not the way they say it to other people. guys typically don't like to act effusive in front of others about such things, the dumbasses. LOL.

I'm sorry about nir though. I know how much you care for him.