Thursday, March 06, 2008

Long Ass Post

Okay here comes a whole lot of bitching and a long story.

I never talk a lot about work but this place is fucking nuts. It’s always changing, people being fired, demoted, moving to other project and other department and so on. Anyway, it’s happening again but this time I’m part of it. My supervisor got promoted without getting a raise (which is completely ridiculous) and me being the senior member of our team he dumped a bunch of responsibilities on me. Which is fine except I’m supposed to keep doing my work on top of everything else and I’m not getting a promotion or a raise either. I really didn’t expect this to happen and I’m guessing in a way I didn’t really want it. I know it’s good and they trust me and I might be supervisor (I still don’t think that’s gonna happen) but the point is - I don’t want to be here forever and this is really making me feel like I’m digging my own grave. I’ve been suffering from a lack of creativity in my life that’s really affecting my mood. This isn’t my dream and I feel like I’m running out of time to make it come true. I was fine today until I got here, it’s such a beautiful day, the sun is shining and it’s nice and warm for the first time in months. I got in here and people started talking to me and asking questions, now I got a headache and I feel like crying. It’s probably just temporary stress and I’ll get used to it soon. In the meantime – I just want to grab my shit and run out the building. I’m sure y’all know the feeling.

In other news I still owe y’all the wedding story so here goes. I told y’all about the Blue Hole Pub many times. I’ve been going there for about 10 years and the place has been open since the early 90’s. It’s one of my favorite places on earth and the owners and staff are by now good friends of mine. One of the owners, Eldad, got married to his girlfriend of 13 years last week. It was going to be one hell of a party.

Anyway, the wedding was out of town in a place called Gaash, about an hour and a half out of J-town. The couple organized a bus to take all us Jerusalemites there and back so we can drink ourselves to oblivion and not worry about a thing. We got there and the place was called Stoa concept house. I soon found out what it meant. The first room where we got some warm sangria that tasted like puke and out table cards was in a modernized Moroccan theme, which is fine. But the second room where the reception happened was a futuristic design nightmare. It was a long narrow room made up of different narrow levels. Every level had a steel rail with tiny white plastic tables with monitor in them every few feet showing a slideshow of the bride and grooms family album. It was the stupidest spaces I’ve ever seen. It was dark, stairs everywhere, the back wall was covered in mirrors so you thought it went on forever. The bar was on the top level and everyone had to wait in line because the levels were so narrow you couldn’t have more than 4 people on them at one time. I don’t think I let go of Mike’s arm the whole time and I kept repeating ‘this is freaking me out’.

Anyway after a few hours in that hell space I realized there was a long curtain on the lower wall and a faint purple light was coming from under it. Suddenly some very loud and very dramatic classical music started playing and the curtain wall started lifting revealing a huge white room. And I mean white. All white. The walls, the ceiling, the floor, the tables, the chairs, the bar, the freaking salt and pepper shakers. Everything white. I know what y’all are thinking – white wedding.

So the two got hitched and then we ate and then we drank and drank. Now this is a wedding party full of seasoned drinkers and pub dwellers. Within 1 hour or so the place ran out of single malt whiskey, the beer (thank god) was flowing. They had to move to cheaper stuff and that just made everything worse. After a couple of hours I turn around to see there’s a girl passed out of the floor behind us. Thus began a struggle to help this poor chick. Her friends tried to talk to her and she kept pushing them away, apparently she liked it on the floor. She liked it there so much no matter what we did, she ended up back down there. There were these huge (white) sofas right next to where she fell, so we lifted her up and tried to get her on the sofa, the bitch kicked everyone who was trying to help her (including yours truly) and ended up back on the floor. They tried to give her coffee, water, lemons, fresh air. She kicked and punched and stayed on the floor. I don’t remember how they got her back on the bus but I saw her Saturday at my birthday party and thank god – she didn’t remember me. She wasn’t rolling around on the floor though, that’s probably why.

This post is really long but I have to tell one more story from the wedding. The bride younger sister is a total slut. No really, she is. She came on to Nir like nobody’s business one night and he found out she had a boyfriend and she cheated on him all the time. Anyway. She’s always trying to upstage her sister (the bride). She came to everyone at the wedding, including Mike!!! Bitch. And her boyfriend was right there! That’s not the best part. The best part was her dress. Her naked black lace dress. That thing was so small I found myself watching her dance waiting for a Britney moment, if you catch my drift. The whole thing was black lace and flesh colored fabric so it basically looked like she was totally naked under the black lace. She had these hooker black laced up boots up to her knees. I couldn’t believe it… at her sister’s wedding… I have pictures somewhere of the naked dress - I'll post!

Besides that we had a great time. Really one of the best parties I’ve ever been to. The bus back to J-town was supposed to leave at 1am but Eldad said no fucking way and made us stay till the end.


Anonymous said...

I totally know how you feel about your job. I think maybe it's stress related that you feel this way, but if it doesn't go away soon, you should consider moving on.

The wedding sounds like my kind of party! LOL! I would have just left that broad on the floor. As for the slut...I can't wait to see pics of this. Who comes to a wedding dressed in black? Or rather, dressed like a hooker? Classy.

Brunhilda said...

Yes, job related stress is no fun. If they are going to give you more responsiblility and more stress, but no more money - I say fuck 'em. Move on.

Have you considered a creative outlet outside of work? Work doesn't have to define you, you know. Find a hobby or something to unleash your creative energy.

White wedding . . . lol That room sounds like a nightmare. Small spaces freak me out. I don't think I could have handled that. I want to see the hooker and her hooker dress and boots too. I have to say, I was really excited to see Nir's pic on your facebook. You talk about him so much, it was neat to see what he looks like. He's pretty darn hot. I dig his hair.

Slick said...

So, are these new responsibilities costing more time on the job? I mean, like more overtime??

Hey, invite me to the next wedding you attend. I'm game!

SarahReznor said...

Pook - the black thing isnt an issue here, everybody wears black at wedding. naked dresses however...

Jess - I'll tell Nir you said so!

Slick - hell yeah - you'd love it here!

melissa said...

This isn’t my dream and I feel like I’m running out of time to make it come true.

so what's your dream? ;)

that room does sound like a nightmare. and that chick on the floor hahahaha. there's always one, right?

really, I'm sorry about your work stress. hopefully, it won't last.