Thursday, March 27, 2008


I’ve always been jealous of photographers. And I don’t mean family photos I mean these people that have this amazing ability to make every day shit look poetic and magical. Especially living here in Jerusalem, there is so much to photograph. And I’m not talking just about historical landmarks either, this city is unique. So I decided I’m not gonna get any better at it by thinking about it and I just gonna start taking pictures. I’ll either get good or realize I’m not talented! Right? So here’s the first one. Enjoy!


Brunhilda said...

I like. My litte sis is an awesome photographer. I'm still pissed she gave it up and didn't pursue it professionally. She had that ability you speak of, to make the everyday look so poetic. Darn her. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I think this is a great shot. I like the clouds in the sky and the angle of the building. I for one suck at pictures. I just don't have an eye for it. I'm the photographer that gets a windshield in the picture cuz I'm hanging out the window of the car or it's blurry or something.

I think it's a great hobby. Enjoy it!

melissa said...

that is an *awesome* shot sarah. very nice job.

it's weird cause I was just thinking about this subject on someone else's blog:

cause he manages to make the mundane look magical in his photos and he does "photo of the day" quite often. you may enjoy him.

good luck with your photography adventures. lots of fun. :)