Thursday, June 08, 2006


Brunch with in-laws this morning, barbeque tomorrow at their house. Don’t worry – I love them a lot. Dad in law spent 2 months in the states fundraising so we need to have some family time. Just gonna take a plate and park my ass on the sofa and shut the hell up, I should be fine.

Hubby is working tonight and Saturday till around 3am. I always tell myself I won’t wait up and I’ll try to sleep but I never do. He’s got a work retreat next month and I’m not allowed to join him – three days!!! I’m gonna need a lot of alcohol!!!

Weekend plans - Friday night, watching Over The Hedge with hubby. Saturday night, beer and calamari with AL and RP at hubby’s work (awesome pub). Sunday morning – shopping with Mom in law and hangover.

One more thing - The project I’m doing at work is depressing and mind-numbing and I’d rather be listening to Shakira. I take that back, suddenly re-rating phone calls to Jamaica for 438 customers doesn’t sound so bad.

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