Sunday, November 19, 2006

My First Tag!!! (sad hu?)

1. What is your current age – 30 in body, 17 in spirit!
2. When is your birthday – March 1st baby!
3. Nationality – French and Israeli – love them both!
4. Do you have any pets – Josephine
5. Sexuality – Mike :)
6. What color is your hair- Dark brown, sometimes I go black if the mood strikes me. 7. What color is your eyes- hazelnut.
8. What ethnicity are you – I really don’t know how to answer this question… I’m French but my great grandma was Italian and my mother’s family came from Scotland about 400 years ago…
9. Favorite music – anything that rocks!
10. Favorite films – Fight Club, Apocalypse Now, Death to Smootchy, Jaws, From Dusk Till Dawn, Interview with the Vampire, Cable Guy and many many more…
11. Dating Status - Married
12. Favorite book - Fight club, Neverwhere, The Bell Jar, The Plague, 1984, Trainspotting, More Now Again, Choke, American Gods, Fahrenheit 451, Dubliners, The Vampire Chronicles, Survivor, the list goes on…
13. Favorite TV show – Are you ready for this? Buffy, Star Trek (all of ‘em), Stargate (both of ‘em), Heroes, Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Friends, Just Shoot Me, Family Guy, American Dad. I apologize to those I forgot…
14. Dream man – Mike :)
15. Dream woman - I... Don’t know...
16. Can you speak any other languages – Hebrew and French

I was tagged by Trish (didn’t make to worry you honey! you sweet.)

I am tagging Summer and Angie!


Summer said...

Haha! Son of a BITCH! If you only knew how bad I was at these. I'll give it a try.

Marcia said...

I never knew you were French. So interesting to find out more about you!