Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Recipe - Spaghetti alla Corbonara (I love this segment too!)

I’m making this for hubby and I Friday, it’s his favorite pasta dish and he always orders it when we go to Spagetim. Unfortunately for some reason they decided to stop serving pork although they are totally not kosher! I don’t get it. Anyway – you probably all know it by heart but here it is –

Spaghetti alla Corbonara (the charcoal maker’s spaghetti) –

Ingredients –

Unsalted butter, 1-2 tablespoons
Heavy cream, about 1 cup
1 clove of garlic, minced
Pancetta cut in 1/2 inch dice – as much as you want, I like a lot. You can also use bacon.
Parmesan – grated again – like tons of it!
1 egg yoke per plate (optional)

Okay this is really simple – cook the spaghetti according to the instructions on the packet. While it’s cooking put the butter and the garlic in a pan for about 3 minutes – be careful not to burn the garlic! Add the pancetta and toss for a few minutes till the pancetta is crispy and golden. At this point add the cream and season with salt and pepper, watch it – the pancetta is pretty salty. Let it simmer a bit to thicken the sauce and then stir the spaghetti in making sure it’s good and coated. Put the whole thing in the plate and add the raw egg yoke, when you mix it in the heat form the sauce will cook it lightly and it will thicken the sauce even more. Serve with tons of parmesan.


p.s. you will need a bottle of red wine for this ;) I'm also serving a cesar salad and some chocolate desert - dont know what yet but I will post it if it rocks. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

That looks good. I might try that. Tip: You should try blogger's beta version... it has categories/labels/tags to put your blogs in! It's pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

That looks REALLY good.

I'm still a little shell-shocked after trying a new spinach based sauce last weekend. It was awful. Think spinach and parmesan clumps.

I don't know what went wrong as I usually know what I'm doing in the kitchen.

I'll give it a whirl this weekend as Wife loves pasta. Thanks for the tip!

Softball Slut said...

Essa You going to cook for me? hahaha

That sounds good!! Hell maybe even I could try it. What is the worst that could happen? I burn it? That is what pizza is for..

Softball Slut said...

Pssst I tagged you

And where are you?

Summer said...

YUM for food! I love it!

So, what's shakin', bacon?

Is work keeping you busy? Are you crafting? Are you decorating more than I am? Lie to me if you are, cause I don't do well with jealousy.

Softball Slut said...

where you be at fool? I am worried bout you