Monday, December 11, 2006

I’m (not as awesome as Summer but still pretty fucking) Awesome!

I was kind of hoping everyone forgot about the party I was planning on throwing but my father in law, who forgets EVERYTHING, remembered. So we had it Friday. The funny thing is the night before was the grand re-opening party for the Old Friend Bar and we didn’t stay too late – we were in bed by 2am… and up by 6:20am unable to get back to sleep..! we were exhausted but we pulled through! My in laws were there, my sister, her husband and one of her teenagers, also my sister in law (the crazy one) and her husband. It was a bit tense at first but I had a bunch of stuff planned, we were going to make ornaments and decorations and watch Christmas with the Cranks. My sister in law was just sitting there for a while looking like she wanted to be anywhere else but when we started making shit – a Christmas miracle happened… Everyone joined in, even hubby and my SIL’s husband were making a village out of pinecones and cardboard. Dad in law was decorating candles with ribbon. My sister and her husband were sewing and even SIL and my niece was making ornaments with Styrofoam balls. Everyone had a great time and loved the food and the crafts! I have pictures but since I can’t do anything from work y’all will have to wait! I have preformed a holiday miracle people – an evening with no drama and no tears!
If Christmas is half as good as this – I will die happy!


Debbie said...

No drama is a Christmas miracle.

Summer said...

Awwww! You really think I'm awesome? I think you're awesome, too. Can you do me a fav and remind me to post my Christmas pics as soon as my party is over on Wednesday? I really do want to show you.

Anonymous said...

THat's awesome. It does take something of a miracle not to have any drama. I am hoping no drama happens at my holidays. My step brother told my stepsister who is married to a black man that she was acting a like a n*****. Yeah he used the bad n word. This was at Thanksgiving. Ahh lifes a joy

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