Thursday, December 14, 2006

Revolutionaries Needed

I know it’s Thursday and the last day of the week and I should be happy but I’m having one of those days… I got close to murder about 23 times since I got up. I broke a nail in the shower, had to do a pile of dishes, and it still wont rain. Everybody is retarded today! The bus was packed and for some reason deodorant must be out coz it smelled like a cattle car! I was late for work because of the never ending road work in this town… need I say more?

Tomorrow is Friday… we’re having dinner at my sister with the in laws and I’m very happy to say crazy SIL and her husband are sticking to their rude ways and not coming. The rude part was that my brother in law was under the impression they were coming and only now when we asked them they said they weren’t planning on going anyway. WTF is wrong with them? can you tell me?

Just got a text message from hubby while I was writing this and it scared the shit out of me…

So Gwen was on Letterman last night – WTF is that song??? Is it even a song?!?! Is she seriously yodeling??? This proves pop has nothing to do with music. All she does is wear RIDICULOUS clothes and yell into the microphone. She used to be bearable when she was in no doubt but it was only because the guys could actually play! I mean, that Hollaback Girl piece of shit was enough for me – who keeps encouraging her?!?!?! And will someone find out where she hid Gavin’s brain please! He used to be so cool and he had an awesome band… what is wrong with people?!?! I hate this woman! Without a tone of makeup you wouldn’t even recognize her!!! And “style icon”??!?! Are these people on crack?! She dresses like a crazy person!!!

On top of everything – I hate this country and the corruption. I hate stupid cops who don’t do their job. We need a revolution!!!

All better :) thanks for listening.


Anonymous said...

I cant sign in since I dont have a Google account. Sighh

I used to love Gwen in No Doubt but now this yodeling/harajuku/rappin bullshit has Got to Go.

Softball SLut

SarahReznor said...

I'm sorry Trish, I hate this beta shit - i wish i could go back!!! you want a gmail account? we could chat :)

Summer said...

Yeah, I'm not switching to beta yet. I'm holding out. I saw all the trouble it gave other bloggers. It wouldn't let me sign in to you for 3-4 days.

Anyhoo, I'm glad after your Thursday that you are now on to your weekend. You needed it! Yes, Gwen is a nut, she looks like a nut and she sounds like a nut. Agreed

Anonymous said...

I cant at work so it really doesnt matter. I have a gmail account I forgot, Idunno if it's still active. Sniff sniff. It's the google thing, I dont know if strictly beta

Softball Slut

Patricia said...


Patricia said...

WOAHHH IT WORKED!! Hallejuhyuh Softball Slut is Patricia