Wednesday, August 29, 2007

BBC Dreams

1. In laws left last night. Said goodbye to them before I left for work, I tried not to get too emotional. The house where they spent the bigger portion of their lives is empty and sad.

2. Lynx is doing SO much better. No more howling at the window, her energy is up since we stopped feeding her the diet crap sis in law was giving her for her imaginary allergies. She a sweetheart and Josie seems to be dealing a lot better. This morning we woke up and she was sleeping on our bed next to me, Josie wasn’t happy but it was cute. I’m still looking for a home for her though. This lady at work said she might take her, we’ll see.

3. My little sister and her husband are leaving for Crete tomorrow, I hate them. But seriously, they deserve it, they both work and study and have no life. I’m sure they’ll have fun.

4. I went to bed last night after watching Mighty Boosh – let me tell you, very interesting dreams…

5. Made lasagna this morning and it’s sitting next to me in a box waiting for lunch… Yummy….


Jesska said...

Yummy, what a delish lunch! I want some.

Good luck on finding the kitty a home. I got rid of another kitten last night, only one more to go!

Anonymous said...

Jess you are being so good about getting homes for the kittens.

I have sushi and salad for lunch. Damned pregnancy weight.

alosha said...

mmm sushi and salad. me want.

I'm really sorry about your in-laws. :( hopefully they are holding up alright.

glad to hear you are looking for a new spot for lynx - and glad to hear she has much improved. I couldn't take the howling, I'd have killed her. ;)

Slick said...

A howling cat would pretty much annoy me to no end. Better you than me....well, at least she's stopped.

Lasagna? I'm starving!