Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The devil made me, only we never met...

1. Mike’s family drama had to come back – it was too quiet lately. Crazy sis went off her meds again… Mike called her to yell at her that she forgot his birthday and she let him know her and her husband split up. She said he told her he can’t keep working and take care of her while she’s home smoking all his money away. She heard he doesn’t love her anymore. We’re not 100% on what happened but they both seem to be okay with splitting up. Only problem is he wants to go back to the states and she wont be able to stay in Israel without him, she’s in denial about that too. More on the story as it develops…

2. Mike’s birthday was really fun, we went to his restaurant for dinner and they wouldn’t let us pay. We ate meat and drank beer and whisky – heaven. Alex bought him shiny new chef uniforms and he’s so happy! Nir, having to spoil us all the time, bought him a new cell! They guys from my work got him some cool t-shirts and 3 bottles of Captain Morgan! I only got him cologne, a new shirt and the Blue Brothers DVD.

3. I hate my job.

4. I heart Agent Bedhead.

5. Must… Stop… Listening... To Queens… (of the stone age)

6. The restaurant is closing for a week for renovations next month so we’re thinking of taking off to Rosh Pina again with Nir – god I need a few days off…

7. Couldn’t decide which picture of JH is yummier so you get both.


Anonymous said...

1. Crazy sis needs to be hit on the head with something.

2. Share the captain!

3. I hate my job too.

4. ??? Must check out.

5. Must stop watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas with Johnny Depp.

6. Go for it!!!

7. Both are super duper yummy.

SarahReznor said...

1. or sedated..
2. we went through 1.5 bottles that night, plenty left for you~
3. lets quit.
4. yeah you do
5. okay – you win!
6. I think I will!
7. I know…………………… *drools and cries*

melissa said...

you should definitely take a few days away. I know how much that can be needed - dooooo eeeet.

she's in denial? is it because of money? cause then she's comin to mooch off of you guys. O_o or is it because of legal stuff? cause then, oh fucking well.

agent bedhead is hilarious!

Brunhilda said...

Gah - what is it with psycho sisters anyway? Keep us posted. I'm glad Mike had a good birthday. I just love it when those you love make your birthday special. Take a few days off. I think you could both use them!